Why buy the knock-offs if you can get the real thing.

I say it all the time when it comes to vehicles, why buy the kia/hyundai which market their vehicles as a more affordable Honda or Toyota. Just buy the better vehicle, get the Toyota or Honda and get it Certified Pre-owned. The same concept works with camera gear.

Zacuto creates high-quality production grade filmmaking gear which come with lifetime warranties on many of their offerings. Why buy camera equipment from the “alternatives” – NICEYRIGS, CAMVATE, SmallRIG, Kessler, Panasonic, Red or SHAPE? Stick with the best and you get what you’ve paid for.

“Once you buy Zacuto you can never go back”

When you have a balanced rig setup, it frees you up to shoot with your instincts and film from your gut! It’s all in the details and that’s what separates Zacuto from the competition. With longer tracks for screws, horizontal and vertical adjustments for just about every accessory and a recessed baseplate rod mount so you get extra lens space. Their designers planned to create a universal camera baseplate that merged the stability and ease of a classic VCT with contemporary cameras and rigs. They listen to their community of photographers for critiques and imporvements on their products. What more can you ask for from a Camera Gear Company.

High Quality Products, Lifetime Warranties, Designers and Engineers who actually use their equipment in the field, Active Listening to their market community. I think the choice is Easy, choose ZACUTO for all of your production grade filmmaking gear

5 out of 5 stars

Scott’s Rating