A few months ago I wrote about flatware and how to choose the right type amidst the many varieties of metal types. I did end up buying the Knork set in 18/10 stainless with nickel. This came after much research into brands and lots of reading of reviews to find that the 18/10 was significantly better for dishwasher use than the standard 18/0. I have been using them now for 2-3 months and can truly say I love this flatware. Hands down these are my favorite to-date. I love the weightiness of each utensil, it feels so well made and there is no way you could bend or break one in any regular use. The forks have a scoop shape to them and thin edges, so they can be used as a fork and a knife (this is actually a really cool design element). Almost every person that comes over and tries out my flatware has high compliments on how well made, sturdy and versatile they are. I would highly recommend that you get yourself a set of the Knork flatware line. They even offer a trial fork so you can test it out.

I’d also like to add that even if you decided against purchasing Knork because it is “just not your style,” buy the 18/10 stainless with nickel of any flatware you purchase. Definitely worth the upgrade you won’t be disappointed.

Knork is now offering black titanium and copper titanium versions that are not made from 18/10. Which would just need a little more care around the dishwasher but still worth it.