Tired of wasting money buying Lightning Cables, USB-C Cables or Micro-USB Cables, like I am? Most everything available is just cheap junk from China. All of my charging cables purchased aftermarket and each one sent with every new purchase of an apple device has broken, bent, ripped to shreds and stopped working. I have bought cables that broke on the same day I received them. I know I’m tired of it. I have spent 100’s of dollars on cables and frankly I’m thankful to be done spending money on this everyday necessity.

I have been on the search for a good charging cable for my iPhone and iPad? That search led me to purchase cables through kick-starter, custom built (no-name) brands and Amazon. I can go through a list of every cable I’ve purchased but that list will get too detailed and boring.

BUY ANKER CABLES!!!! I’ll say that again buy a Lightning Cable, USB-C Cable, Micro-USB Cable or any variety from their large list of offerings that you need. You will not be disappointed. Their PowerLine+ and PowerLine+ II woven cables do not break, they simply last the test of heavy use. The PowerLine+ II is the most heavy duty of the cables so expect it to be a little stiffer than any others but they just need to be worn in a little. Dropping an iPad or iPhone while it’s still charging will not break these cables. Tripping over your cable while it’s charging a device will not break these cables. Since my purchase (I now own at least 8 cables) my entire family and at least four of my friends are full-out Anker Cable believers and won’t buy anything else.

P.S. The 10ft red cable is super easy to find because it stand out and the 10ft reaches across your bed super easily.

Anker Powerline+ II USB Lightning Cable

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Anker Powerline+ USB Type C Cable

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Anker Powerline+ Micro USB Cable

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