I’m so tired of cheaply built cake pans that warp aren’t you? I went on a purchasing spree to search and find the best 9×13 pan I could find. My goal is to save others time so here it is: The OXO Nonstick 9 x 13-Inch Cake Pan is the best choice you will find on the market for less than $30.

This is a commercial-grade pan that’s constructed from a heavy-gauge steel with aluminum. OXO’s signature aluminized steel design makes the pan durable but it also creates even heat distribution. Featuring a micro-textured pattern that minimizes surface contact and helps to promote airflow which is important during your baking. It’s PFOA-free, stain and scratch resistant, corrosion and abrasion-resistant. It also has Square-rolled edges which definitely adds reinforcement to the structure of the pan. I’m most impressed with the quality of this Made-In-USA pan because it does not feel like cheap chinese junk and baking has been a breeze.

OXO created a Loaf Pan, Muffin Pan, Mini-Muffin Pan, Round, Square and Rectangle pans all made from the same material and built with the same high quality aluminized steel.

I can write a whole lot more as a review for this pan, but who really wants to read all I have to say, just buy it!
Trust me you won’t be disappointed.