Got a new book today.

“Classical and contemporary Sauce Making”
by James Peterson

I look forward to trying out some new sauces to up my cooking game.

I want to start experimenting with the french mother sauces.


The 5 French Mother Sauces

1. Béchamel (White Roux + Milk + Salt, Pepper, Nutmeg)

2. Velouté (White Roux + White Sauce)

3. Espagnole (Brown Sauces)

4. Sauce Tomate

5. Hollandaise

Fasting! Why it’s good for you.

fastingI read and watched a video on fasting food today, about how regular fasting during the month lowers your chances for alzheimers and other cognitive degenerative diseases. Fasting has the same affect on your brain as a healthy exercise routine and has even been proven to help children with epilepsy.

Whether you agree with what is said or not I think its worth 15 minutes of your time.

Check it out:

Opening Up Trade with Cuba

So I found an old paper I wrote in college about Cuba and the Embargo. If you have any interest at all in information regarding the embargo and why it isn’t legal to purchase Cuban cigars “Quite Yet.”

As of September 2015, Obama has been in speaks with Raul Castro to lift the trade embargo:


cubansThe Cuban embargo began with the overthrowing of the Batista regime and democratic government in Cuba by Fidel Castro. Castro with his fellow activist Che Guevara, led a military coup against the Batista regime in 1959 overthrowing the reign of Fulgencio Batista. Fidel Castro declared Cuba a socialist country in 1961 and ruled the communist country until 2008. The United States government declared a trade embargo against Cuba in 1960 and presently is still not trading with Cuba.

I believe that trade with Cuba should be re-opened and the trade embargo should be lifted to allow trade to occur once again between Cuba and the United States of America. The United States and Cuba have both been hurt by this embargo over the last fifty years. Cuba has lost a large percentage of its trade capital with the stopping of exports of sugar cane, nickel, and tobacco to the United States. Sugar cane has been the largest form of trade loss for Cuba, but other items exported from Cuba include coffee, seafood such as fish, mollusks, and crustaceans, citrus fruits, nickel, and tobacco. The United States has lost the ability to import these resources causing the government to look elsewhere for these resources. This has been very costly for the U.S. causing distribution to occur from distant locations as well as more locations. Opening up trade with Cuba would allow for coffee, seafood, citrus fruits, nickel, tobacco and sugar cane to be imported from a closer location. Sugar cane and Nickel are the largest resources exported out of Cuba and are the main reason why we must lift the trade embargo and open up trade with Cuba.

Import and Export information:

In 2007, the United States imported $826 million dollars worth of sugar cane from around the world. Three countries Brazil, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic, make up thirty-eight percent of the total U.S. sugar imports. […]

Xbox One Review


I have now been playing the xbox one for 1.5 years. My quick response is that my experience has been poor for many things on this console that worked well on the xbox 360. That being said, there are quite a few pros: graphically the XB1 does not disappoint. I picked up Bungie’s Destiny game recently and the graphics are absolutely incredible on this console. Gameplay is smooth and games play very well at 120 FPS. The issues I have found, stem from the function of the console itself.

  1. The XB1 stays on in a standby mode when you shut off this console from your controller or if you say xbox shut off. To actually shut off the box you have to go manually hold down the power button on the box itself to shut it off.

    Why is this an issue you ask?

    The issue is that the folks at Microsoft didn’t test this feature. Almost every game that you start playing once your xbox has been in its standby mode stops working properly. It freezes, slows down to a crawl, chat stops working and I personally have had microphone crackling issues. I end up mid-game having to hop out of a party and go completely power down my box and start over for it to stop having these issues.

    I understand their reasoning for this based on the face that the console was originally an “always on” box that they had to change because the community was complaining. It also allows the kinect to stay active so you can say XBOX ON and it turns on. This feature is actually pretty cool, I use it a lot but I would rather sacrifice this feature and have my box work properly.

  1. The chat is poor. Party chat continues to fail and not work with many friends. It will stop working while you are in the party chat, and it will not work from the get go. This has been single handedly the most frustrating thing about the XB1. Chat on the xbox 360 had issues as well, but nothing like I have experienced with this next-gen console. I do find however, that a hard reset of the box where […]
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